Email Client Integration

Thank you for trusting Praise Worx for your hosting needs. Your service includes branded email addresses with the domain name that you’ve chosen.

Typically you use an email client and probably don’t even know it. Gmail is one such client, and so is Apple Mail as well as Outlook. These are some of the most common.

The email service included in your hosting agreement includes a web based email client called cPanel – Horde. It should already be set up for you and you should have already received login instructions.

Some people are not comfortable with the techy-ness of the Horde email interface. And sometimes folks just want to have all their email in one place. So the solution to that is to set up your current email client with multiple accounts, your current personal account, and then your branded website account.

To set integrate your new branded website account into your current email client follow these steps:

Step 1. Log into your cPanel Horde account.

Step 2. In your account is a cPanel Webmail Home link at the top. Click on that.

Accessing the Horde Webmail Home Interface

Step 3. You should now see this:

Horde cPanel Webmail Home Interface

Step 4. From here you can Set up email on your device in the right column.

Step 7. When you’re finished you can log out or return back to the Horde email client by clicking on the Open button.

Enjoy using your newly integrated email! If you have any other questions be sure to reach out to our technical support!