How do you captivate your site visitors?
How can you hold their attention?

Animations and stunning effects


the attention of your audience

to the details of your business that matter most.

Let Praise Worx handle the
technical details of your marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing Services

For your faith based mission, business, or efforts!


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List Services here

Overlapping layers &


Add gradient background and overlay to increase visual impact of your graphics and allow your image to create your message.


Welcome This is our story


After spending thousands of dollars and many years learning today’s marketing techniques, I know what works and what doesn’t. When my life reached a turning point however, I wanted to find a way to thank my Creator and Provider while His creativity flows to and through me.

The marketing principles still remain and work, but the wordings and creations have become more a reflection of praise to the Holy One! Raising a more positive energy force in the viewer / customer is one way of praising Him. And it works!

My pledge to you is to produce a stunning site that holds the attention of the visitor.

The slimy marketing works sometimes, but will not be encouraged by any of the efforts flowing from this mission.

Praise Works! Try it! God Loves it! And here find many examples of praising works (praise worx)!

Its exciting to share these works of praise and my skills with you!

This should be a post!!!


10+ Pre-designed Demos

For your convenience, we’ve designed some pretty floating demos which you can use. Single click to import a layout, then double click to replace the text and images. It is that simple. 

Header Designs

Three header designs are available: top bar, left panel, and right panel. The top bar header can have transparent background. If you don’t want a header, it can be excluded. 

2 Menu Styles

Choose whether a minimalistic overlay menu or a traditional horizontal menu.



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