The Post – The Fundamental and Most Powerful Data Structure in WordPress!

Learning how to operate with posts in WordPress will allow your site to be built initially with little effort and to be dynamically displayed with no effort! Essentially, using posts strategically will reduce the maintenance on your site while providing the flexibility to add pages easily either dynamically or manually.

Categories are the one attribute that provide the muscle behind the post. A page of posts with the same category has a default layout. Sometimes this default layout is available within the theme. But the beauty of the post / category muscle is that all you have to do is define a new category, assign it to a few posts, and you have a new page without having to do anything except keep posting which is what most blogging site owners really want to do.

Using categories also helps increase SEO ratings.

Do you have a good strategy to exercise this powerful combination found in WordPress?

Let me give you an analysis of your site’s posts / blogs and categories to provide a better strategy that will allow pages to be created out of thin air on the fly, without you doing anything!