Have Books? Will Sell!

Many of my clients want to sell their books. Then they send me all of these links to their individual writings, which I then have to integrate into their site. There is an easier way AND it
WILL EARN THE AUTHOR extra CASH!! Amazon Associates is Free!

One of the best ways to sell books is through Amazon. It’s the largest book retailer in the world, both for print and eBooks. If you’re an author who sells books on Amazon, there’s an easy way to pull your Amazon listings into your WordPress website.

If you’re not an author, you can still make money selling Amazon best sellers with an Amazon affiliate account. Amazon calls its affiliate program Amazon Associates, and it’s free to join.

If you’re an author you should also be an Amazon Associate. That way when you link to your book using your affiliate ID, you can get paid twice. For the book sale and the affiliate referral fee on the book sale.

The great thing about the Amazon Associates program is your referral link applies to whatever your referred visitor buys. So if someone follows your book link to Amazon and buys your book and a pair of shoes, you get the referral fee for the book and the shoes.

You’re even paid a referral fee for the shoes if they don’t buy your book.

So whether you’re an author or not, you can sell books on Amazon using your WordPress site. The company will pay dividends.

Then instead of adding links, I can add in a plugin that integrates with Amazon and adds my clients books and any other products they want to sell. Without the plugin however it is cumbersome.

So if you want to sell your books or any other product from a site being hosted here on Praise Worx, email me so that I can get you set up!