Posts Not Pages


Because people don’t want to read any more. So keeping content short, allows a simple message to be delivered in a post. Another post can then add to the first message. A sequence can even be developed and maintained using categories and sequence numbers. But that’s too much information for this post!

Posts also are regarded higher in the SEO ranking scheme. A page is considered static and unchanging to the search engines. Continuously editing a page is not considered new content to the search engine.

Creating new posts however IS considered new content to the search engine.

So instead of creating pages, even for something like events, it is better to create posts of each event and then use the virtual page features in WordPress to display all the events or all the posts with a particular category on the virtual page.

Posts are considered new content. Pages are not.

Create posts, not pages.

Read more about how to use post categories to your advantage to have an infinite number of pages (albeit virtual).